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Step-1: Remove Old Loose Aggregate
Step-2: Cleaning of Reinforcement
Step-3: Application of Rust Remover
Step-4: Application of Passivator
Step-5: Fixing of Leak Proof Shutter
Step-6: Pouring of Microconcrete in Shutter; Tampering with Rod to Ensure Effective Filling (Aggregates to be Mixed if Area is Large)
Step-7: Removal of Shutter
Step-8: Plastering the Offset for Even and Smooth Surface
All work completed by Universal Waterproofing Works carries a warranty of 10 years. Your Universal Waterproofing Works signed contract is your actual Warranty Certificate.
Universal Waterproofing Works warrants all materials and workmanship only pursuant to the job description details on your written contract, provided the home owner / society / builder / client has made full and final payment.
WARRANTY PERIOD : 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 YEARS (As applicable)
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