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It mainly depends upon the procedure and specification given by client / architects. In general it is a two component polymer modified cementitious coating. It is an ideal waterproof coating which forms elastomeric membrane capable of excellent adhesion, breathability and flexible – non toxic. The two components are mix thoroughly to form a paste and is applied on the wet surface with a brush two coats are recommended. After the second coat is applied a protective tacky coating or plaster has to be done in C:M (1:4), the average thickness of our treatment will be 25mm to 40mm as required
The new Bathrooms/Toilets/Flower Beds/Kitchen Moris etc. are treated with Surface Method which starts directly over the RCC slab. The internal wall shall be plastered leveling a space of about 600 mm (2 feet) from floor level (or as per your specification). Before the commencement of our work all chiseling/cutting in the floor and wall shall be done by the plumber. We shall then put a layer of waterproof plaster of about ¾” in which stone aggregate of 15mm to 20mm nominal size will be embedded/fixed by hand at random (the treatment shall then be cured for atleast 24 hours). We shall now again provide a layer of waterproof plaster of about ½” above the stone aggregate. The treatment shall be carried on the side of sunken slab and side walls upto 600mm above floor level. The thickness of the treatment on the walls will be about ¾” (the treatment shall then be cured for atleast 24 hours). Now, the plumber shall finish all his plumbing work i.e. laying and fixing of pipes, nahani traps, pans, etc. without any further breaking or disturbing our treatment. After plumbing work, we shall fill in the depression (sunken) portion with our brick-bat coba method (brick-bat fixed in the cement mortar upto required level. (The treatment shall then be cured for atleast 24 hours). We shall now provide waterproof plaster of about ½” above the brick-bat layer, which shall be finished rough suitable to receive tiles to be laid by the owners.
NOTE: The rates are quoted separately for ghadai work, filling of sunken part and plaster work. No deduction in the floor and wall area for pans and other fittings and fixture are made in the measurement.
All work completed by Universal Waterproofing Works carries a warranty of 10 years. Your Universal Waterproofing Works signed contract is your actual Warranty Certificate.
Universal Waterproofing Works warrants all materials and workmanship only pursuant to the job description details on your written contract, provided the home owner / society / builder / client has made full and final payment.
WARRANTY PERIOD : 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 YEARS (As applicable)
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